How Boring Direct Mail Has Made Us Millions

November 07, 2023

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In land flipping, finding the right method to generate leads can make all the difference. While some investors chase the latest trends and technologies, there’s one method that has quietly been making millions for many in the industry – boring old direct mail.

You might wonder why direct mail is considered “boring.” Well, it’s not flashy, there’s no high-tech wizardry involved, and it’s not exactly the latest and greatest trend.

However, it’s precisely this simplicity and consistency that makes it so effective. The tried-and-true nature of direct mail means it has been a reliable method for many.

Its systematized and repeatable nature ensures a consistent and reliable lead flow, setting it apart as a valuable method for investors.

The process is straightforward: draft a compelling letter, refine it over time, and change the mailing list as needed.

Want more deals? Send out more mail. It’s that simple. 

The focus shifts from constantly rewriting letters to finding the right areas to invest in.

In this episode, Heather and I explore how direct mail has become the cornerstone of many successful land flipping businesses and how to use it to generate leads.

Key Takeaways:

  • Intro (00:00)
  • The boring direct mail approach (04:21)
  • Other ways to generate leads (09:15)
  • Advantages of direct mail (22:40)
  • Disadvantages of direct mail (26:32)
  • Getting started with direct mail (28:25)
  • Should you send follow-up letters (34:10)
  • Who to use for direct mail (35:16)
  • Partner with Pete Program (37:52)
  • Cost per deal for direct mail (42:01)
  • Time to answer some questions (48:07)

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